Tulia Girls Program

Tulia Girls Program

Adolescent girls are one of the most powerful agents in bringing about social transformation. Tulia Girls Program is designed to provide a safe space for adolescent girls in the community to learn and grow. In this safe space, girls can talk about their problems and express their opinion without experiencing societal pressure or judgement, where they can be themselves without having to fit into a designated role.

Girls in our society experience adolescence as an extended crisis that exposes them to life-changing and sometimes life-threatening situations because they are not prepared for the abrupt changes that grip them. In addition, they lack information, life-skills, protection and decisions-making power.

They need information about their own sexuality and skills to help them plan happy futures and healthy lives.

Tulia Girls Program allows them to express themselves openly and freely through poetry, dance, drama, script writing, group discussion, photography, and print media (newsletters). The girls explore the issues that are prevalent in their daily lives and at the same time discuss coping mechanisms to some prevailing hazards or difficult situations in depth. In this process they are supervised by our experienced program managers and social workers.


In the course of the Tulia Girls Program, Generation Guiders provides Sexual and Reproductive Health Trainings. Apart from the mentioned ignorance regarding puberty and the changes in body going hand in hand with it, another major issue is teenage pregnancy. Lacking financial means, girls are open to sexual intercourse in exchange for a little money. Protecting themselves against sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy is neglected due to lack of knowledge and confidence. Early pregnancy forces the girls to drop out of school leaving them in a daily struggle to feed themselves and their child.

Through sexual education Generation Guiders aims at reducing the number of teenage pregnancies and school drop-outs. To free the girls from the financial dependency on men, Generation Guiders offers trainings in tailoring as an income generation initiative.