Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Our Vision

The Generation Guider's team is driven by a strong vision aiming at establishing similar centres in every capital on the African continent. 

Our Vision:

We envision a world where girls are empowered and enjoy their right to walk in their full potential.

Our Mission:

We promote girls’ rights, empowerment and education by reaching out and advancing the circumstances of girls wherever they are economically deprived, at risk of abuse, subject to harmful cultural practices or living in areas of instabilities.

Our Motto:

Empowering Adolescent Girls

Our Values

At Generation Guiders, we accomplish our mission through adhering to the following core principles and values:


We deliver our program with truth and openess and we know we must remain accountable at all times. Everything we say or do shows that we are open and clean in our words and deeds.


We do everything from the heart. Our work inspires and is inspired by our personal stories and the stories of the communities we serve.


We started off as volunteers. We are willing to go the extra mile to commit our time and resources.


We must be the best in whatever we do. No part of our work is done in a slipshod manner.


We continually strive for concrete results through concrete action.


Everyone we target or work with must be able to stand up for themselves, our roles being to facilitate this process.


We believe the solution requires all of us to play a role in this process and that each role is essential.

Learning and Sharing:

As we generate and share knowledge, it will make us stronger and better. We are an organization that promotes a learning culture.